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Junior School

Welcome to Junior School

Tanglin’s Junior School (Years 3 to 6) provides a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires, motivates and challenges children in their learning. The Junior School’s engaging learning environment facilitates a holistic approach to learning that provides children with a wide range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom that promote their personal, academic, creative and physical development.

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T90 Junior School Activities



Year / Faculty

T90 Activity

Year 3
  • Key event dates at Tanglin in the last 90 years
week 6
Term 2
Year 4
  • T90 Pulau Ubin concert
Term 3
  • Super Citizens and Galaxy Guardians
week 4
Term 2
Year 5
  • Singapore Exploration
Term 2
Year 6
  • Singapore in WW2
6 March
Term 2
Music Juniors
  • One Voice concert
2 March
Term 2
Junior Library
  • T90 Book Week and Inspirational storyteller