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A-level & IB English - Pablo Neruda: His Life

A guide to resources on Pablo Neruda for your A-level or IB English topic - compiled by your librarians

Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), the winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize for literature, is considered by many readers and critics to be the foremost poet of the Latin American world in the twentieth century.

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Pablo Neruda Quick Facts

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NAME:  Ricardo Eliecer Neftali Reyes Basoalto a.k.a. Pablo Neruda
OCCUPATION: Diplomat, Poet
BIRTH DATE: July 12, 1904
DEATH DATE: September 23, 1973
EDUCATION: Temuco Boys' School


Pablo Neruda was a Nobel Prize–winning Chilean poet who was once called “the greatest poet of the 20th century in any language.

Interview with Pablo Neruda


Why did you change your name, and why did you choose “Pablo Neruda”?


I don’t remember. I was only thirteen or fourteen years old. I remember that it bothered my father very much that I wanted to write. With the best of intentions, he thought that writing would bring destruction to the family and myself and, especially, that it would lead me to a life of complete uselessness.

Biographical Chronology

Written by Darío Oses, Director of the Library of the Pablo Neruda Foundation.

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Movie trailer - Il Postino - The Postman (starring Pablo Neruda)

Il Postino = The Postman

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"People's Poet" of Chile

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Happy Birthday, Pablo Neruda, the “People’s Poet” of Chile

July 12, 2010
by findingDulcinea Staff
One of the most beloved and widely read Latin American poets, Pablo Neruda defies categorization. His work was as stylistically varied—from sensuous love poetry to sweeping historical epics—as he was prolific. Gabriel García Márquez called him “the greatest poet of the 20th century in any language.”