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KS3 Geography - Conflict Diamonds: Diamonds (Poem)

A guide to resources about blood diamonds for your Year 9 Geography topic.

Blood Diamond Poem


Hard sparkling, precious beauty 
wondrous beyond imagination 
then say you belong to the devils, 
and that you brought wealth 
but woe unto me and my land.

How many magnificent cities have you built? 
look how my land bleeds, for your sake 
unhealed wounds, with greedy knives 
twisting into it everyday creating new cuts 
must I laugh, must I cry for you?

See how my people are cheated, 
and humiliated everyday for your sake 
listen! A cry is heard 
a pit has caved-in killing many youths 
see the mourners, haggard and in rags 
carrying everlasting poverty in their pitiful eyes 
glisten stones, must I laugh, must I cry for you?

Hear! A heavy blast 
it is for the twinkling stones, the earth shock 
houses crack and crumble, there is a sudden cry 
yonder lies a woman with baby strap to her back 
and an old woman in a pool of blood 
smashed and crushed by flying rocks 
yet, we did not bemoan them 
innocent victims of corporate colonization and reckless exploitation 
Gem stones, must I laugh, must I cry for you?