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KS3 Geography - Conflict Diamonds: Sierra Leone

A guide to resources about blood diamonds for your Year 9 Geography topic.

Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Web: The first niche news service on the internet with many resources reflecting life in Sierra Leone today, and in history.

BBC News Africa: Sierra Leone Profile

Sierra Leone Profile

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Coastal scene in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone is trying to encourage tourists to enjoy its natural beauty
  • Full name: Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Population: 6 million (UN, 2011)
  • Capital: Freetown
  • Area: 71,740 sq km (27,699 sq miles)
  • Major languages: English, Krio (Creole language derived from English) and a range of African languages
  • Major religions: Islam, Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 48 years (men), 49 years (women) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: Leone
  • Main exports: Diamonds, rutile, cocoa, coffee, fish
  • GNI per capita: US $340 (World Bank, 2010)
  • Internet domain: .sl
  • International dialling code: +232

Global Issues : Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone has seen serious and grotesque human rights violations since 1991 when the civil war erupted. According to Human Rights Watch, over 50,000 people have been killed to date, with over one million people having been displaced.

While the rebel force, the Revolutionary United Front, (RUF) have called the various governments corrupt and accused them of mismanagement of diamond and mineral resources, they themselves have committed horrendous abuses. People have been raped, had limbs amputated and more. While the RUF may have started from respectable aims, they themselves have been corrupted and attracted others who see the RUF as a way to get at the diamonds and profit from it. Read more...

Map of Sierra Leone

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History of Sierra Leone

Slavery and freedom: 17th - 19th century AD

      The Sierra Leone river, with a natural harbour at its mouth where Freetown now stands, is one of the places where slaving ships of the European nations regularly put in to trade with local rulers for their transatlantic cargo. But it is also the site selected by a British abolitionist, Granville Sharp, for a practical experiment in philanthropy.

      In the 1780s the number of freed slaves in London is growing, as a result of actions such as Sharp's in the 1772 case of James Somerset. The question is where they should best live and be employed. Sharp's answer is that they should settle in the continent from which they or their ancestors came.


Infoplease : Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone (sēer'u lēō'nē, lēōn'; sēr'u lēōn) [key], officially Republic of Sierra Leone, republic (2005 est. pop. 6,018,000), 27,699 sq mi (71,740 sq km), W Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by Guinea in the north and east, and by Liberia in the south. Freetown is the capital.

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