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KS3 Geography - Conflict Diamonds: Resources

A guide to resources about blood diamonds for your Year 9 Geography topic.

Locating Information

These TTS Libguides show you how to locate information from various sources.

Searching for books

Try searching for books by using the "key words" you have identified earlier.

NLB library

Singapore has excellent public libraries which can be used by all residents of Singapore. 

Click on the link below to search the NLB catalogue, you will find information on books held in libraries.  You can also immediately access online thousands of ebooks and journal articles. 

If you find books which would be useful for your studies either visit the library or contact the subject librarian and we may be able to request it for you.

EbscoHost database

   We subscribe to two databases that contain thousands of full-text journal articles.  The databases we subscribe to are EBSCOHost and JStor and they provide a brilliant way for you to find those references that will really make your work stand out from the crowd!

   Use the search boxes below to search EbscoHost.  If you are not in school or if you are using a laptop you will need to enter a password which you can access by logging in our portal  'Senior Firefly' service or ask a librarian


Research databases


Sweet Search - a search engine for Students

Find out more using Sweet Search, a search engine designed to help students find reliable information.

Useful Websites

Diamond Websites:

  • Australian Diamonds : Costello's -You online jeweller
  • Diamond Facts.Org : website directed at professional retailers and diamond dealers. Provides information on conflict diamonds in a downloadable format which is designed to give activists a tool in dealing with questions.

More Challenging sources:

Light Reading

Non Fiction Books