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How to find adult fiction books: Home

A guide to finding adult fiction books in Tanglin Trust School's Senior Library

Adult fiction books


What are Adult Fiction books?



   Adult fiction books are those that have been written for an adult audience or books that may contain inappropriate content (such as sexual, violent, strong language, etc.) for younger children. Our library creates the adult fiction section to help students and their parents identify which materials are appropriate for them.

   At present, there are around 1800 titles in the adult fiction section of the Senior Library.

   Above are samples of some popular adult fictions. Click on the covers to find the details of the books in library. Please come to the library to browse and borrow our adult fiction books!

Adult Fiction books with genre in Crime

      Among all the adult fiction books, there is a separate section with the books in Crime genre. For example, Dan Brown's books of  The Da Vinci code, Angels and demons are all put under this section. Adult fiction books in Crime genre are put in the two shelves with "Crime" label on top.

Can I still borrow Adult Fiction books if I am under-age?


   Yes, you can still borrow the adult fiction books if you have consent from your parents. You can obtain a consent form from the libary staff on the front desk, and ask your parents to sign the form.

   Once you have the consent of your parents, you can start borrowing the adult fiction books. The library will keep a record so you do not need to get consent again to borrow adult fiction books next time!

Who are allowed to borrow Adult Fiction books?


   Students in year 10 and above are allowed to borrow the adult fiction books.

Where can I find the Adult Fiction books?

   All the adult fiction books can be found in the fiction book area in the interactive zone of the Senior Library.  They are situated in the circular shelves behind the seats of the presentation area, there are 11 bookshelves - 9 for "Adult Fiction".

How to identify Adult Fiction books?

   All the adult fiction books have ORANGE stickers on their spine labels. The spine labels have the format of F SUR (where SUR is the first 3 characters of the author's surname), which is the same as other fiction books.  

How many Adult Fiction books can I borrow?


   Adult fiction books will be counted as fiction books when borrowing. Students are allow to borrow 3 fiction books and 3 non fiction books. Therefore a maximum of 3 adult fiction books can be borrowed.